Cowbell Brewing Co.

Crafting an Award-winning Approach for Canada’s Destination Brewery


There’s no doubt that the craft beer market is a competitive one. There are over 1,000 brewing facilities in Canada alone, and it’s growing every year. So, how does a small craft brewery in Blyth, Ontario make it big? From Cowbell’s early inception, its founders recognized the need for a brand that would represent their vision: brewery products that stood out on the shelf, but were authentic to themselves.

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Positioning the brand

We were challenged to develop a full brand identity that would evoke Cowbell’s rural roots without alienating urban craft beer enthusiasts. From naming to packaging design, a focus on the details helped weave the Cowbell tapestry that exists today.

Telling the right story

Our team worked with Cowbell to develop key touchstones that would guide the founders toward making impactful decisions that were true to the vision, creating a consistent story across every customer interaction.

Evolving Cowbell online

Cowbell’s website was developed to be flexible enough to grow with the business without sacrificing the opportunity for storytelling that the brand was built upon. From a video of a dairy cow walking down the main street of Blyth to more technical features like a beer finder map, every aspect of the site was designed to make sales, drive visitors, and tell the Cowbell story.

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Video Advertising

Conversion Optimization

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Brand Launch Strategy

Media Planning & Consultation


Cowbell did what other breweries could not: earned a permanent listing of its first beer, Absent Landlord, without a brewmaster or a full-scale batch of beer. The brand then went on to secure two more listings at the LCBO and The Beer Store in its first year of production, a rare accomplishment for any brewery, especially in the competitive craft beer landscape.

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Cowbell Brewing Co.

From Cowbell’s early inception, their founders recognized the need for a brand that would represent their vision – brewery products that stood out on the shelf, but were authentic to them.

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