Increasing the presence of iconic brands in the Canadian Market


Athletic retail is a competitive category to operate in, particularly with most customers choosing Nike or Lululemon as their dominant brand of choice. In fact, Nike commands over 30% market share in athletic footwear — a difficult statistic to outpace.

For Asics, we knew we had to build the brand back up in Canada, as well as tightly target the right runners with product-specific messaging aimed at highlighting the superiority of the Asics shoe.


Blend the long and the short of it

As all good marketers know, strategy is a mix of both long & short term tactics. For Asics, we introduced the right blend of both geared at delivering brand equity as well as capturing existing demand in the marketplace.

Moving to Always-on Advertising

We helped shoppers choose Asics through an always-on paid media approach focussed on capturing existing demand in the marketplace using placements such as Google Search, Shopping and Dynamic Product Ads.

Agility in reporting

We created a bespoke dashboard with real-time results and optimizations geared at making agile business decisions.


Brand Building Digital Advertising

Performance Marketing

Landing Page Development


We grew market share in a highly competitive category by bringing the importance of brand to the forefront as well as capturing existing demand in the marketplace through tightly-targeted conversion campaigns.

In short: we have helped Canadian runners find a superior running shoe and the results speak for themselves.

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