Life at Arcane: Sitting Down With the Interns

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Life at Arcane: Sitting Down With the Interns

Life at Arcane: Sitting Down With the Interns


We love our interns at Arcane — they add a dash of enthusiasm, a huge dose of initiative, and bring in great new ideas from diverse backgrounds.

Our intern program goes beyond supporting our organization — it helps inspire the next generation of the tech and marketing workforce.

Dan Towers, Senior Manager of the Digital Marketing Team, sat down with our interns to discuss their experiences at Arcane. Keep reading to get a glimpse into what it’s like being an Arcane intern and what their advice would be for anyone considering an internship at an agency.

Meet the Team

Brad Yates

Brad Yates, known for his colourful windbreaker collection, is on his third internship with our Development team.

Pursuing a Degree in:
Computer Programming Analysis at Fanshawe College

Jaclyn Core

Jaclyn Core, a surf enthusiast, is excited to make a splash on the Digital Marketing team.

Pursuing a Degree in:
Marketing Management at the University of Guelph

Jessica Tang

Jessica Tang is excited to contribute to company operations and learn about Canadian culture on the Accounting team. Don’t underestimate her poker skills — she’s a whiz!

Pursuing a Degree in:
Business Accounting at Fanshawe College

Jo Kim

With a black belt in Taekwondo, Jo Kim is ready to kick butt on our HR team.

Pursuing a Degree in:
Human Resources at Western Continuing Studies

Dan: Why is Arcane different?

Brad: When you’re at Arcane, you’re surrounded by people that are willing to help you if you ever get stuck. With other places, you don’t get as much interaction because you’re in this cubicle for four months and only have the internet for help. So Arcane is different because of the environment and the resources around you in the form of people. Everyone seems to genuinely care about what you’re doing.

Jaclyn: I agree with Brad, everyone here really cares about our learning. Every person I have met here has offered to teach me something new or answer any questions I have. It’s refreshing to see people so committed to helping each other learn; something I don’t even see as much when I’m at school.

Dan: What unique contribution do you add to your team?

Jo: I bring a fresh set of eyes, offering different perspectives that help enhance current processes. I also come from a strong research background, so I always try to reference reputable resources to support all ideas.

Brad:I like to think that I bring the development team more energy. I like socializing, I like joining the softball team, going out for trivia night. Just doing extracurricular stuff with Arcane.

Dan: Why did you choose to get into your field?

Jess: I have always been very good at math; I love numbers. I like to work step by step. I knew I was good at accounting and I liked the idea of being able to master something.

Jaclyn: I was the opposite of Jess, I kind of fell into marketing by accident. For the longest time, I wanted to go into broadcast journalism and then a few days before I had to apply to school, I changed my mind and picked marketing instead. It ended up that I really enjoy it and can’t imagine liking any other program more. I’ve really lucked out with my internships, having such different experiences but loving all of them. It’s been incredible so far.

Dan: What does being an Arcanite mean to you?

Brad:One of the biggest things is that Arcane is trying to lead with innovation in the downtown sector here in London. So when I hear Arcanite, I think of people that are trying to pave the way for London. People trying to start a movement, people trying to transform our community.

Jess: A lot of people here have taught me that being an Arcanite means helping each other and caring for people from your heart. I’m learning how to show my passion and care for the people around me.

Dan: What’s the biggest thing you have learned here that you wouldn’t have learned in school?

Brad:Well, my program has a set “these are your courses, this is what you’re going to learn”, but the tech field is always changing. So by being here at Arcane, you’re always learning the newest of whatever is out there. Since school courses don’t seem to change as fast as the industry, you’re just always on top of things here.

Dan: What motivates/inspires you?

Jess: The people around here. All of my team members help me learn so many things at work and outside of work. They teach me how to be more confident and share things about my life. As an international student, when I first came here I was very nervous and shy but my team helps me come out of my shell.

Dan: What’s been your favourite experience so far as an intern?

Jo: My favourite experience so far as an intern has been the ability to work on a variety of tasks while interacting with all departments and senior management. It’s exciting to see how each level plays a part in building our team.

Jess: Last week my team went golfing, it was my first time doing an extracurricular activity in Canada. They showed me how to play golf and drive the carts. I was so happy, we drank beer and went out to eat. I got a glimpse at an authentic Canadian lifestyle and I love it.

Dan: What piece of advice would you give to someone else wanting to do an internship?

Jo: Be open and adaptable. I personally didn’t go into my internship with specific expectations. I make the best of each situation by contributing what I can while constantly finding things to learn. Being open to every opportunity — even those that might seem daunting — will only help with your growth. Others will appreciate your adaptable passion, drive, and will.

Jaclyn: Yeah I totally agree. Be open, adaptable, and always ask for feedback! I used to think I was doing fine as long as my boss didn’t tell me I was doing something wrong. But now I realize that there’s always feedback that could help me make better work.

Dan: What is a skill you’ve learned that you will take to other jobs?

Jo: I learned to “just go for it”. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes and just take on the projects; being anxious about the outcome won’t get you anywhere. It’s important to remember that you will grow from all experiences and challenges.

Jaclyn: I think the Google Academy Certificates that I’m getting will be super helpful wherever I go. I’ve also been able to work on my writing skills a lot; I’m trying to become a better storyteller and my experience here will definitely help with that.

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